Teen Rebellion (Real Life Teens)
Teen Rebellion (Real Life Teens)
Teen Rebellion (Real Life Teens)
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Teen Rebellion is a normal part of adolescence. One of the major developmental tasks teens face is developing independence from their parents and becoming their "own person". Transitioning from a dependent child to an independent adult not only takes time but also manifests itself in behavior patterns such as rebellion, defiance and ambivalence. Rebellion takes many forms, positive and negative and teens learn that the decisions they make for themselves have consequences. Teens will develop their own personal beliefs which will inevitably lead to some bad choices and mistakes. In this episode of Real Life Teens, teens not only talk about their own experiences with rebellion, but also discuss their attitudes to rebellion, their parents, school, society and their peers. Includes pointers by clinical psychologist Dr Deborah Cooper.

Subjects Covered Include:

• What is rebellion?

• Healthy vs. unhealthy rebellion

• Making choices between healthy & unhealthy displays of rebellion

• Anger issues

• The role of parents

• Respect & permission – discuss the differences

• Dealing with disappointment
One 20-minute DVD.