Customized Wall Scripts
Customized Wall Scripts
Customized Wall Scripts
Ordering Options:
12" X 24" Wall Script
18" X 36" Wall Script
24" X 48" Wall Script
26" X 52" Wall Script
Let us help you put the writing on the wall with our Wall Scripts!

Thought provoking quote on easy to remove transparent viny backing, sure to catch your eye and make your students think!

If you want something different than what we have available then here is where you can customize your own wall scripts.

Ordering Instructions:

1. Select the size product you want, all of them will be on a transparent background.

2.  Select the template you want: 

     a.  You have 6 to choose from

     b.  All fonts will be exactly as the template is the BLACK in color accept for the templates that have a color font on them, you may select your own color.

     c.  Our art department will lay out the design of your words in the same style as the template and send it to your email provided for review

3.  Type in the text exactly as you want it to appear.

4.  Tell us the color you would like your color text if any is shown in the template.

5.  Tell us any additional instructions, here is where you can tell us that you want a much larger size than we have to offer you, or a font that may match your school logo perhaps, anything is possible, we have

     an extensive art department that is very tech savvy and will dilligently keep in touch and adapt to your needs in regard to what your vision is. If you just tell us we can contact you to further the process and make sure

     you get what your looking for.  Just make sure you select the closest item, and template to what your looking to achieve and our art department and customer service will adapt your product and price if need me after contacting you.


     Nervous about ordering online, PLEASE CALL  CUSTOMER SERVICE 877-524-8200 (toll-free) and we will be happy to get you started in the right direction to achieve your final project.