Customized - Cyberbullying
Customized - Cyberbullying
Customized - Cyberbullying

We have gone ahead and made customization an easy (no back and forth ) procedure for you.

Examples of Personal Messages Can be 

-PTO organization (generally donated by)

-Business or Organization

-Contact information or Reporting Bullying to .... info

Enter your school name and message in the boxes below and THEN place your item in the cart. (THE TEXT WILL APPEAR IN YOUR CART)

***The font and background color will be the same as the sample picture.

Please review your custom order in the shopping cart, if it is not what you want, delete it and start over. 

When you check out this is your approval and your item will be recieved with the same colors and fonts as shown in the picture but with your wording, no returns for customized items, if you have a concern AFTER your order has been placed please don't hesitate to call customer service.

Ordering Options:
Plain Paper Poster (18" x 24")