Bullying Stops Here

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Stop Bullying Now Series

Bullying stops here, this impact plain paper graphic art poster of a hand symbolizing STOP and three simple words makes a strong statement of zero tolerance of Bullying in your environment.
This is one poster from the "Stop Bullying Now- Series".  The series along with this poster draws attention to important and timely bullying-related topics, including: the many forms of bullying the responsiblilities of those who witness bullying; the misuse of social networking sites; and the importance of standing with others against bullying.

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Bullying Stops Here

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03-PS74-5 Plain Paper Poster (18" x 24") $14.99
03-PS74-5-L Laminated Poster (18" x 24") $15.99
03-PS74-5-XP X-Large Laminated Poster (36" x 48") $49.95
03-PS74-5-FM Black Metal Framed Poster (18" x 24") $54.95
03-PS74-5-FC Cherry Wood Framed Poster (18" x 24") $59.95
03-PS74-5-XB X-Large Vinyl Banner (36" x 48") $99.95
03-PS74-5-SB Super-Size Vinyl Banner (48" x 64") $155.95

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