Home of the Tigers - 3D Faux Frames

These beautiful posters may seem like they're framed, but it's just an illusion!  The frame is a part of the poster, giving it that classic yet 3D look. 

Immortalize your school mascot today with personalization.

1.To customize please enter the name of your school in the box below this description.
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This item allows you to add personalized text.

Home of the Tigers - 3D Faux Frames

Ordering Options

Code Format Price Qty  
03-3D02-9 Plain Paper Poster (18" x 24") $34.95
03-3D02-9-L Laminated Poster (18" x 24") $36.95
03-3D02-9-XP X-Large Laminated Poster (36" x 48") $74.95
03-3D02-9-FM Black Metal Framed Poster (18" x 24") $79.95
03-3D02-9-FC Cherry Wood Framed Poster (18" x 24") $84.95
03-3D02-9-WA/LG 36" X 48" Easy-Stick Vinyl Wall Art $149.00
03-3D02-9-FG/LG 36" x 48" Vinyl Floor Graphic $149.00
03-3D02-9-XB X-Large Vinyl Banner (36" x 48") $149.00
03-3D02-9-SB Super-Size Vinyl Banner (48" x 64") $199.00
03-3D02-9-FG/XLG 48" x 64" Vinyl Floor Graphic $199.00
03-3D02-9-WA/XLG 48" x 64" Easy-Stick Vinyl Wall Art $199.00

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